Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Collab Freebie!

Hi, everyone!

Hope you're all stuffed with turkey and getting ready for a nice, long weekend. And taking advantage of all the sales out there! ;)

Even better than a sale, here's a lovely freebie for you from Scrappy Wonders, a terrific group I'm proud to be a member of. Whether technically a designer or not, and most are not, you'd never know it. Everyone outdid themselves and put together a fabulous kit for you to play with. From gorgeous papers to sparkling elements, I'm sure you'll find at least several things to light up your tags this season. Tagger-size usually means smaller, but this kit is huge, in terms of the number of things in it, as well as the "heart" behind it. :)

Click the preview to download. Enjoy!! :)


Dianna said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful freebie!

Gulffire said...

This is lovely! Followed the collab blog train and found this beauty as well! Thanks so much to your for both of them.

Kathy said...

Please pass along my thanks to all the members who contributed to this great kit. I agree that it is wonderful.
I am a member of several forums but in no way a designer but would love to contribute an element or two to a collab. I'm a real rookie but I'm sure I could make something! I've benefitted so much and would love to be able to give back a bit. How does one get involved - I don't go to the forums all that much.

Toni Scraparoni said...

Hi, Kathy!

Thanks for your lovely comment! Couldn't find any other way to reply to you, so I hope you'll be back to read this. And that I'm doing this right!

Click the Scrappy Wonders link in this post to be taken to their group page at Google where you can join the fun. SW is mostly a chatty FTU scrap sharing group, but we've done two collabs so far. It would be the perfect place for you to get your feet wet! ;)

Toni :)

Tineke said...

Great kit, thank you very much