Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 More Flakes & Another Tree!

I'm on a blingin' roll! It's going to be a very "icy" winter, indeed. :)

We're up to five in our series of flakiness. Flakes 1 - 4 have been bundled into one product at a discount price, which you can find in both actions and templates, at my favorite store, Sophisti-Scraps.

Also available separately, of course. Previews are below. Along with a new tree! I didn't think I could stop at one. Or two. Hee hee! Definitely more trees to come. They're hard work, but the end results have been pretty amazing - if I do say so myself. LOL! I love seeing them on a paper for the first time, as opposed to a transparent workspace. It's a light delight when they jump off the page! Reminds me of Lite Brite (I think that's how they spelled it), my first foray into the shiny arena. Many moons ago! Unfortunately, that peg's been in the hole a lot longer than I care to admit. ;)

The tree is also available in both action and template. Hope they'll get your holiday season off to an early - and shiny - start! :)

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