Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eggcellence Volume 3

Hi, gang!

Have some more goodies for you! I love how this turned out and hope you will, too. :)

My sale has turned into what will be a 30% sale at the store for St. Patrick's Day. Hopefully that means you'll love it even more. Hehe! I just had the notion to maybe try this as a script, if I can even remember how. And then I'll probably remember why I stopped scripting. It takes an awful lot of patience and perseverance to ensure a script will work in all versions of PSP. Maybe next Easter the script will be playing at a theater near you. LOL!

As for blinging in this Easter, as always you can find the action and the template at Sophisti-Scraps. The sale will run through Sunday, March 18th.

The end result looks totally different depending upon what colors you choose. I think it looks particularly nice with a little extra shadow on the basket. The action is left in separate layers, so you can add some yourself if you agree. CU standards usually dictate no perimeter shadow allowed, but it gives the basket a lovely 3-D quality that really works with the egg underneath.

I've run a few for you to play with, with extra shadow and without. You can decide which you like better, and you can even decide which size you like better. I've made them them for you in both full-size and tagger-size (they're identical in looks), for your personal use pleasure. They size down beautifully from either one. Use them as a centerpiece or as an accent. Lots of choices with this one, that's for sure!

Grab yours here:


Enjoy! :)

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Chris said...

Thank You for the Beautiful Egg!