Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New for October!

Hi, gang!

Two of the four kits are already in the store. The remaining two will be out on Saturday, October 11th. But you get goodies NOW. LOL! I'd have had them up for you sooner, but, in addition to being a bit behind to begin with, the cable company decided we didn't need TV or Internet for the past two days. Nice, huh? I think they meant to disconnect a neighbor and did us by mistake. Same thing happened about a year ago. So annoying!!

Anyway, back to the scrapping ranch. Autumn, Halloween and a big ol' turkey dinner are in the air. Did something a little different this time and made a sampler of all four for your downloading pleasure. Click the preview to grab it. And have a "bootiful" time! :)

Post edited to remove store link in order not to confuse anyone. Due to the timing of the move, the Halloween kits have not been re-released and won't be until next year. However, Gothic Glam and Jive Turkey are available at DSLL.

The sampler link is still good, as well. Enjoy! :)

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Debbie said...

Hi Toni,

just love these halloween freebies. just got back on line so trying to catch up. really different and love the glitz. hope you had a good one. Angel blessings xx